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between China and USA, which country is easier for one to end up homeless?

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    Among the hundreds millions poor migrant workers working in the richer coastal cities, many of them are either homeless or sleep in shabby slumps. Simply go to the 2 bigger cities, Shanghai's and Beijing's outskirts and check it out.

    You should be promoted to CCP Senior Propagandist overtaking DL's position. Your propaganda questions are often well thought of which discreetly help sell CCP's image without being too forceful and lying as DL's.

    Source(s): CCP no respect for her Chinese People's human rights.
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    Easier in China.

    1) The USA has multitudes of shelters and food kitchens for the homeless.

    2) Nobody in China truly owns their home. By law, they are only leasing it temporarily from the CCP-controlled kleptocracy for as long as it benefits the State to permit them to do so.

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    Obviously China, as is evidenced by those five young boys who recently died in their trash dumpster "home".

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