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does getting a big cavity drilled hurt? please help?

im 14 i have to get a cavity drilled tomorrow and i am really nervous. does getting my tooth drilled hurt? what can i expect.please help!!! thank you:)

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    It should not hurt at all. I just had a root canal done today and I felt no pain what so ever. Trust me, root canals are WAY worse than getting a cavity filled. You'll be fine. The dentist will put numbing jelly on your gums to start numbing you then they'll wait a few minutes and finish numbing you with the needle. You'll only feel a small tiny pinch. & in case you feel pain at any time let them know and they'll numb you some more. Don't be nervous, it'll be fine. :) Goodluck!

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    Cavity drilling don't hurt. The only thing that hurts in the numbing needle. But once thats in your good to go. If the needle is to painful ask to put an ice pack on you cheek to numb the gums a bit before they stick the needle in. As long as they put enough in you'll be good.

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    You may need a root canal. Sounds bad. I think going to the dentist only hurts when they don't wait for the Novocaine to kick in before they start drilling! OUCH! That happened to me last week! I think getting my teeth cleaned (when they scrape and blow air on my gums) hurts more then getting a cavity fixed.

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    It's not bad at all, sometimes your tooth will feel really cold and start to hurt a little but that's about it. And the numbing needle is painless, just don't look at it. Andddd the noise is irritating, it buzzes constantly.

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  • 8 years ago

    Well, the dentist will numb your gums, but despite that you'll feel a slight buzz/pain. So, it'll hurt only a bit, but there's nothing to worry about. Just tell him or her beforehand that when it hurts too much to handle you'll raise your hand, and that's a sign for him/her to stop :)

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    They will give you a local anesthetic, meaning your mouth will be numb, youll just feel a lot of vibrating from the tool. its not too bad. you will talk funny for a while after though.

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    Nah if it does hurt just tell the dentist and he'll give you another shot.

    I've had 3 crowns done it wasn't that bad.

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    It will after.

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    No, it doesn't hurt because they numb it first. Just don't bite your tongue. You won't feel it.

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