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Please help!! I need this questions answered in full sentences.

From the Progressive era through the New Deal, the federal government became much more involved in the economy and everyday life of Americans. Who supported a stronger state and why? How did the American “welfare state” grow in the years between Progressivism and World War II? What did the government offer to more economically vulnerable Americans and how did businessmen and others react to the growth of the federal government? Give detailed examples to support your answers.

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    To put it in simple terms: Federal Government thought they needed to help people that was effected by the Great Depression. (Think New Deal, FDR) People depended on the government so it just stuck. Think of it this way. Poor lady with five children needs food to feed them. The government lets her have food stamps to get the things she needs. She uses food stamps and gives it to a business. Business loses money.

    I don't think you want to read a giant long explanation so I made it simpler.

    Source(s): Took AP United States History and AP United States Government.
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