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Get parents to agree ?

I wana change schools soooo bad cus I'm in flippin middle school but they treat us like were 2nd graders omg -.- there's this school thts like right next to my house but my parents won't let me go to it cus one of my friends that has 'too much freedom' goes there .. the **** ? So like how do I get them to let me go there cus I already know like everyoneeee nd my school is crap

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    The fact that "friends" are the priority to you and not the quality of the school your in and the future it will pave for you- shows you clearly do not know what is ultimately best for you- hence why you have loving dedicated parents to guide you until you can "think" clearly and maturely for yourself.

    Friends come and go- school & marks will to set you up for success in life. If you choose to distract yourself with "cool friends" and not a "cool" career one day you'll end up siting around in your poverty apartment with those same cool friends at age 25 working your minimum wage job scrapping to get by & unable to go anywhere or experience anything you've dreamt of. What you choose now will set you down one path or the other...choose wisely while you can.

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