I feel like I'll never meet another girl like my ex ins smart and handsome 23 year old man but feel alone?

My ex broke up with me a year ago and I think there were alot of things wrong with the relationship and we didn't fit in alot of ways but I feel I will never meet a woman of that caliber again. She was gorgeous and very smart ( went to Harvard) and artistic but she was extremly self centered, Materilistic and an oppurtinist basicly she thought she was gods gift to this earth and everyone should bow down to her so I don't miss her that much, but some of her traits I feel I will never find again. I dropped out of college to persue my dreams and not waste anymore money on a degree that's worth nothing ( I'm a writer) but I'm very smart and a really sweet guy, I think so atleast haha. I volunteer in my free time and love helping people. We met in high school so we had that childhood connection going on. But now I that I'm older and don't have those connections I don't know how to meet those kinds of woman. The club scene hasnt worked because those girls are really not my type and even online dating doesn't work because smart woman write me off for not having a degree and won't even get to know me. I feel so alone in the world.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Bob, it feels as if i wrote this subconsciously 3 or 4 years ago (im 25) under a different name and intoxicated- therefore i do not remember writing it- or perhaps it was an alter-ego who wrote it and my ego now doesn't remember it. I was in the exact same situation almost to the T as you (well for the most part).

    I dated this girl during the later two years of high school and then two years later. Like your ex, she was completely beautiful (More attractive than I thought I was) and very smart. I was completely head over heels for this girl and she for me- for years. But she too was self-centered. In fact, im not proud of this at all because its not me but when we broke up, i punched one of her mirrors and broke it to symbolize her vanity. I too am a writer and the symbolic nature of breaking a mirror so she can't primp within the mirror, which was typical, meant a lot to me at the time. I know it was crazy but us writers live for silent symbolism.

    I didn't know how long it would take to get over her, some of my friends were like you will meet someone soon and forget all about her but this wasn't the case. I didn't date anyone for over a year and a half probably because I still loved her and couldn't get her out of my head to let someone else in. Since then, I have had three other girlfriends but none I have truly loved. For instance, to one of them, when she said "I love you", i would always reply "I Love who you are". This was because I didn't love her though she was great and i did love who she was but i couldn't love HER.

    Needless to say, I am currently single again and do want to find another love of my life but have not yet found her. However, I have finally completely gotten over my Ex that I did love. I know we were two different people and were not meant to be. She is now married and has a child. And worst of all she is a REPUBLICAN now- which very much irks my nerves. We still say happy birthday to each other and small talk on occasion... but I am really happy I am not with her. I am not at all narcissistic and couldn't handle her ways, especially as I have gotten older. I would rather be single and looking for someone than to be with her and know that we just were not meant to be (though we were almost perfect for each other).

    I know you feel alone and I do too but one good thing about being alone is that you can write whenever you want. You can stay up late or wake from a dream with a good thought in your head and write without someone interrupting you. This will be different when we are married and have children. Plus, if you are like most of us writers, you deal with being alone much better than most of the others anyway. Still look for someone, but take the opportunity to write while you still can. Also, as a writer, didn't the break-up bring about more inspiration and pages that you could ever wish for. The beginning of relationships are the same, they also bring about great pages. So when or if i ever think of her now, I truthfully tell myself, I wouldn't have traded my pages for her...

    Take care man, things are working out for the best- trust that!

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    Well, from her traits I'd say it's best that you don't meet another girl like her. The traits that you like, you WILL find in someone else, but it will be better because they won't have the same negative traits as she did. It may be hard now, but one day you'll meet that girl that just completely takes your breath away. Try going somewhere that interests you; since you're a writer, maybe try a bookstore. If you go wherever interests you, then you may find someone there, and it's more likely that they'll have some of the same interests as you do. You're only 23, and since you're handsome, sweet, and very smart, it shouldn't be hard to find someone. Plus you still have a pretty good amount of time in your life so don't give up.

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    it may hard on u right now but u honestly u just have to be patient. everyone has that significant other and she'll come ur way without even knowing it. u seem like a great guy and u seem mature. believe it or not but there are TONS of girls that are looking for that. don't let people bring u down because u don't have a degree. self centered? more like self ABSORBED! lol trust me there are plenty of beautiful, smart, sweet girls out there and one day u'll find the one that's perfect for you. she broke up with u last year so thats the past. don't dwell on it, and look to the future. hang in there and you'll find ur woman soon enough :)

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