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Can you get pregnant if you have sex for 30 seconds?

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    if his penis was inside of you, then yes.

    My friend had gotten pregnant from precum, she was scared of becoming pregnant and never let him go inside of her and he never did, but precum did it for her.

    Always wear a condom or bc if you dont want to get pregant

    she learned the hard way and i managed to become pregnant because the condom broke and we were a couple minutes in. wished i was on birthcontrol because im showing and havent told any family members yet.


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    Its not dumb to stress over being pregnant. My question is if your period is late or not. If you have an irregular period and don't know if you're late, wait until it 'should' have come then take a home pregnancy test. If negative, take one again in a week. If still negative, go to the doctor/clinic for a blood test. Take the test with your first pee of the day, its the most concentrated and urine that is too diluted from peeing frequently or drinking too much fluids can dilute the hormone too much to be detected early on. Use a test labeled for early detection because that means its more sensitive and will pick up smaller amounts of the hormone. If you get your period, a real period with regular flow, then you are fine and not pregnant. Yes, having a bare penis in your for any length of time CAN result in pregnancy. There is something called pre-ejaculate that the guy doesn't even notice is coming out which does contain some sperm. If you were trying to get pregnant, I would say you didn't have high odds with just that exposure, but if you are trying to avoid pregnancy, I would warn you that its possible.

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    You can get pregnant from having sex for second, you an even get pregnant if her never even goes inside of you but finished on your area, sperm can still find its way in. So make sue you always use protection and that you're not doing anything that you're not ready for the consequences for.

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    If semen went inaide you , then yes. Even if just his precum got inside you, u can get pregnant because precum contains semen and once inaide.. Semen can travel inside and live for up to 5 days

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