IPhone deleting notes on its own!?

I had some very important information saved to my notes, & now they're just gone! And when I try to create a new one it won't save it. When I leave the app and go back to it, the new one is gone too. Is there any way to get them back or am I royally screwed?

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  • 8 years ago
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    There appears to be a problem with the Notes app right now. I am having the same problem you describe, and a search of the internet came up with another user having the same issue just a few hours ago. Try putting your iphone in airplane mode, then create a note and see if it works right. If it does, then you are having the same issue that seems to be affecting iphones connected to the internet on 12/28-12/29/2012.

  • 8 years ago

    Do you sync your notes with iCloud? If so, try putting the device into airplane mode and trying to add a note. Also, you can check iCloud.com to see if your notes are showing up fine on the server.

  • Batman
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    8 years ago

    When you close the Notes, remember to close it "finished" don't close it right after you typed something in. There should be the + button.

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