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Am I pregnant? Please help me!?

I'm a teenager. I'm stupid I know. okay so I can't tell if I'm being paranoid or not. I freak over everything.

So the beginning of august my boyfriend fingered me once. He had just washed his hands, and it wasn't direct contact. Another time he had adjusted himself and then put his hands like on my vagina not in it. But i saw nothing and felt nothing. I then started volleyball and my periods began to get lighter, I was pretty stressed out and freaking. I've gotten periods normal time and everything they've just been a bit lighter, lasting a few days and not heavy. More than spotty but not heavy, if that makes sense. I get normal cramps and everything. No swollen feet or anything. Is this normal? I'm freaking out. I don't know if its just because I'm so stressed out or not. Then 2 days ago I got a rash all over my arms like completely randomly, I don't know if its from my clothes or not, but it spread to my legs, just itching, I think it's an allergic reaction but I have no clue. When i push on my stomach something moves but I can't tell if its muscle, just a little lump. I constantly push on my stomach because I'm so freaked out. I never had sex EVER and I just don't know how to be sure. Please help me. I know I'm stupid. I would be like 15 weeks or 14 I guess. But I haven't gained any weight, I have been lazy since volleyball season ended but I just don't know. Please please help me. Am I pregnant? Is the rash normal?! UGH :(

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    You get your urine tested for pregnancy.

  • Relax, you are not pregnant it doesn't matter if your boyfriend fingered you nothing happens as no semen enters your vagina. You are just getting paranoid and I get that, I have experienced this kind of things with my girlfriend when we get too paranoid and start thinking on stupid things. I know you are worried but you are not pregnant that's for sure, so just relax and continue with your volleyball :) and the rash has nothing to do with pregnancy at all maybe is just n allergic reaction, remember always protect yourself when having sexual intercourse, make sure your boyfriend wears a condom and all is going to be ok. If he fingers you there's no problem :).

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    you are not pregnant. Women's cycles become irregular/stop when they exercise and lose the body fat needed to ensure a successful pregnancy.

    The rash is not normal. See a doctor if it does not clear up soon. {did you change deoderants, bath soaps, laundry soaps recently?}

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    Take a pregnancy test if your really paranoid. You shouldn't be pregnant. But unless he had semen on his hands while he fingered you I doubt it b

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