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Why is it that society outcasts people who choose to have a different appearance?

I really want to know what makes me such a bad person for stretching my earlobes, getting tattoos, and getting other piercings. Somebody justify outcasting me for this. I want an intellectual argument, not just, "cuz yer ugly, 'MURICA".


This isn't an issue of me being afraid of what people think, because quite frankly, I don't give a d*** what people think. Its more an issue of I want justification for why people are a**holes to me. But thank you for the support regardless.

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    It doesn't make you a bad person or an outcast. You might be "outcasting" yourself with your attitude.

    why don't you ask the people who are judging you? I can promise that you'll get a ton of different reasons.

    I think more people are fine with this that you think. Stop worrying what other's think....or don't think....about you. Concentrate on how you feel about yourself and the way you look. If you're happy with it, then that's all that's important.

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    That`s society..Don`t let that disturb you life is too precious you lived once. People get outcast for they heights,gender,age,race,nationality,style,body shape and more. You get my point. I will give a secret that will solved your problem. Each time a person is pointing a finger at you there`s two people who are pointing fingers back at them guaranteed................

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    Human nature is to judge. Do to this people tend to reject what they are not accustomed to. Quite frankly I think that you shouldn't really care. People will be people and in today's society that all to often involves irrational feeling.

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    most people are eitherafraid to admit they like it or what your wearing.. prob donthave the courag to do t them selfs...i love peircings i want several..had one..fell tattoos i want money...strching earlobe ewww...but its cool to a extend...old people freak out...escpecally to the guy in hottopic who has i think 5on his ears earlobe streched...eybrow, snake bites, the bull thingy, bewteen the eyes, both cheeks pierced, tounge done libra middle of the lip...i find it fasinaing...

    but have you ever seen a total goth kid go in lets say aropostal?

    or a heyy like of those anoying popularish girls go in hottopic or go to a some concert or icp thing? noooo y

    i think its cause popular girl a "reputaion to keep" they think ewww why would you wear that..omg icant believe im accually in hear... music to lou blah blah...and evrybody would be stareing

    goth kid in that 1 store...everybody staring...and whispering what the... thats why i dont like going to get mynaild done by chinese people scpecailllywhen they speak it...

    oo and a uncomferable envirnoment...---som men re like that they cant stand being in womans stores plus they want you to hurry up....god there annoying...

    but i think its normal to be out there...just dont shave your head and tttoo it....if your a think thered b maybe somen wrong in there...

    but other than that get more but dont cover your face with any of em either..i mean completly cover....

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