How to manage the emotions?

I am 27yrs old and divorced and my marriage was of only 3yrs..I was really in depression and also right now in depression....i got divorced because my husband hitted me a lot....physically and mentally on both hands...but now how would i prepare my self for my other life..I am in depression and lost my confidence and temper and life too..I always think of suicide and also now m thinking of it..Please show me something....

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  • 8 years ago
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    I feel pitty for the situation you are facing.

    You are young by age, and leading a sorrowful life. But, Donot Worry. Forget your past, and think of your future. Find out somebody who is really honest, lovable and caring person.

    Suicide is not the last word .thus, you will lose your battle of life. Be positive and look forward to a bright and enjoyable future.

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