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What kind of haircut is this called? And some haircut suggestions please :)?

Okay, so I want something that's like a "nammery-asian" cut but i'm not sure how to tell my barber it. If you don't know what nammers are, or what nammer cuts are, it's sort of a Vancouver term. But anywho, I want something that's like a bit buzzcut on my sides, and then short on top but with bangs. How do i tell my barber this? I keep asking, and everytime she just makes it like a normal buzzcut ALL AROUND.

Also, i'm looking for nice, unique hairstyles that I'd be able to try. I like my hair short also, so please don't suggest any long ones. I don't really want to spike my hair up, but only if I have to. I recently got "hipster-y" glasses so I want to look nice and fresh with a new haircut and glasses. So yaaaaaaaaah. thanks

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    This haircut is VERY popular at the moment, shaved on the sides and back if that's what you mean.


    VERY LONG LINK!!! But all the guys at my school seem to be getting it, if you wear classy or trendy clothes, it's a good cut...but builders clothes, no.

    And will you PLEASE go to another barber! That stupid ***** sounds like she don't know what she's doing!!! ;)

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    I have short tresses for the first time since I actually was 10 years old and I actually really like it but I miss my long curly locks so Now i'm growing it back out!

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    don't know what haircut you're talking about but the best thing in my opinion to do is to actually take a picture into the hairdressers, it defiantly helps them!

    Dont know how short your hair is or how short you wanna go but if you want something fresh here is a suggestion ; http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/slicked%20back%20hair...

    But what do i know LOL I'm just a chick ahaha :P

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    i think of the final element to do along with your hair Is to function some medium layers to the hair and a few short layers for the quantity you go with and in case you sense it particularly is to thick get it thinned out it won't look uneven and notice approximately get 2 to 3 inches off the hair which will make the medium and short layers look greater organic. i'm hoping I helped (:

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  • 4 years ago

    Nammer Cut

  • 4 years ago

    For me, short. an individual see, hair like jared leto's look too effortless and sometimes even slimy. Shortcuts are more fun to play with and some sttles look much better on them.

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