unprotected sex 8 days before gfs period can she get pregnant?

Alright, so me and my girl friend had sex 4times all pull out method before felt anything pulled that **** out, however I know that pre *** still can get to her. I know it was retarded told her I didn't wanna unless we had protection. But so easy to get in the mood so things happened, her period is next week. I been reading that chances are low that she can still get it. So what do you guys think need help!

Had sex last night should I get Plan B? I'm nervous about it delaying her period then it'll cause me stress that I think if she is or not,


The "I been reading that chances are low that she can still get it" part I meant that I read that since her period is next week its low chance of her getting pregnant.

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  • 8 years ago
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    she could be pregnant by having unprotected sex at any time..doesnt matter how close or far from her period it was. If it was only precum the chance is alot lower, but not gone. She most likely isn't, but dont rule it out.

  • 4 years ago

    lady, every time you have intercourse unprotected there is an probability of having pregnant. you in simple terms enhance that probability with each and every time you do have unprotected intercourse. to no longer point out in case you're actually not slumbering monogomsly you're increasing your opportunities at contracting an STD. Wait 10 days from once you may commence your cycle and if no era shows up, take a attempt. sturdy success and remeber if it particularly is no longer what you go with, a minimum of bypass to a unfastened sanatorium for delivery administration counseling.

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