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Easy ideal gas physics question ten points!?

A bubble with a volume of 1.00cm3 forms at the bottom of a lake where the temperature is 10 C and the depth is 20 m. The bubble rises to the surface where the temperature is 25.0 C. Assume the bubble is small enough that its temperature matches that of its surroundings. What is the volume of the bubble just before it breaks the surface of the water? Ignore surface tension

Easy ten points must show work!

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    p1 V1 / T1 = p2 V2 / T2

    1 cm^3 ? That's a huge bubble!! - oh well.

    Pressure at 20 m = 3.0 atm because each meter of water exerts 1 decibar of pressure, roughly

    (3 atm) (1.00 cm^3) / 283.15 K = (1 atm) ( V ) / (298.15 K)

    V = (1.00 cm^3) (3/1) (298.15/273.15) = 3.16 cm^3

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