I'm 23 and my parents do not agree with my current relationship. Suggestions? Comments?

My mother has told me that once I obtain my graduate degree she and my father are done with me. The issue is my boyfriend's dad is black and his mother is white. My mother has demanded that I break up with him before. We tried not talking for a while but it was too hard. I understand her worries but he is very nice to me and is a very hard worker. She has agreed to meet him in two weeks in a public place. Currently, my mother and I are not talking near as much as we used to. I feel safe with him but I don't want to ruin my relationship with my family. I grew up in a very rural area (7,000) and my mother grew up in an even more rural area (40). I have dated enough guys to know how I expect to be treated and do not except anything less.The guys that my mother has preferred for me in the past have been alcoholics, cheaters and abusive. They were all white. I have turned these options away permanently. It is not that I don't believe that there are men who are completely white that have morals like my own but I have never met them. My boyfriend is the first non-white (non Caucasian) that I've ever been attracted to. With him I do not see color and he is not the stereotype that has been taught to me since I was little. This relationship has been hard for both of us and we both understand that we will face prejudice if we continue to stay together. It has been harder on us to be apart.

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  • 8 years ago
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    I think your main concern should be WHAT you think is best for YOU and never mind anyone elses opinion.

    If this guy treats you the right way and isnt an idiot irrespective of his colour then fight to be with him regardless of your mother and father . Eventually they will come around to accepting things once they see you and your partner making things work .but a persons colour shouldnt be an issue .i think thats just ignorance when people see things Black and White .

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    8 years ago

    you're 23 it sucks that your parents don't approve and it will be hard if the big M word comes into play but eventually they're either going to have to accept it or tolerate it. They have absolutely no reason to dislike him. It's ridiculous when parents do this. You just have to sit down and decide if you think it's worth the hard times to come. and if you think it is then sit down with you're man and tell him how it is and see what he thinks

  • 8 years ago

    Sceew ur parents ur a grown women at 23 i know u feel like u have to choose but if he reAlly loves u he is going to tAk u to another place

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