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What does my dream mean?

Ok so I have random moments at first I'm in class I am next to this girl and her boyfriend (I know her) he then leaves and I forget what we talk about but we start making out and then both our noses start to bleed then I end up at my home and next day I brought a towel with me cause I was bleeding from my nose again and she sits next to me I tell her that when we kiss our noses bleed so we test it and our noses bleed again then we end up somewhere she starts bleeding from her nose but I didn't kiss her so I lay her down and get on top of her then i wake up.(I haven't talked to her in a while).

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    Hmmm. Some things I've learned from my dream experiences are that sometimes your dream will feature something that has no meaning whatsoever(probably the blood), sometimes it's a means to live out sexual fantasies(not sure if you have feelings for her) and lastly, dreams sometimes reflect things that were on your mind a while ago(dreaming about her even though you havent talked in a while). Just some things to help you maybe decipher your dream.

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