Lesbian feelings. helppp?

As far as I'm concerned I'm straight. But lately I've been a little unsure. To be honest, I actually have a crush on my teacher. haha. Yeahhhh. What am I suppose to do about that? We all know students cant hookup with teachers... And I dont think she is lesbian anyway... Lol, I would never. But besides that, am I just curious? Never hooked up with a girl.. And I love men's bodies... Any suggestions on how to find out if im bi? I just find women soo attractive. Haha, and I flirt with guys, and date... Uhh I dunno. thanks for the help!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Try going out with a girl and see how you like it. But let her know your situation so no feelings get hurt if it doesn't feel right.

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