28 weeks pregnant check up?

i have a appointment tomorrow early in the morning they told me they where going to check for sugar or something like that or glucose i belive i was just wondering what do they do and does it take long or how does it work


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    8 years ago
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    Glucose test.. You drink a super sugary drink, they have different flavors but personally I had the orange one that just tastes like overly sweet orange soda. If you like diet soda & hate regular soda like myself then you probably won't like it.

    Then after an hour they draw your blood to check your blood sugar levels & see how your body processes the sugar. and if your levels are too high you'll need the 3 hour test getting your blood drawn every hour to see if you have gestational diabetes.

    I hated the glucose test, I was fine up until I was up front scheduling my next appointment then I had to run to the bathroom to throw up. @_@

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    They give you a little bottle of liquid wich is basically sugar water and you have to take it home and not eat anything that night then the next morning drink it and then wait a certain amount of time then go back in to the doctor and they will take some blood and have it tested to make sure you dont have gestational diabetes wich mean diabetes you get just while youre pregnant.

    Ive had to do it a few times, the sugar water tastes really gross but i got a MAJOR sugar rush fromit haha it wasnt that bad if youre not afraid of having blood drawn.

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