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Why won't my hair grow? Please respond?

I've dyed it I'd say about 4 times this year, but I haven't dyed it in atleast 2 months. Why isn't it showing any improvement at all? What can I do to fix this...

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    taking care of your hair and helping it grow is not just about dying or not dying it. there are several factors that affect your hair health. I list certain things below that you should pay attention to them:

    1. Your diet should consist of nutritions that are essentials for hair, such as fatty acids(omega 3), protein, vitamin D, vitamin C, Vitamin B5, Zinc and... .

    2. You shoul be careful about washing your hair. You should not wash it every day since it dries your scalp out causing you hair fall. picking the hair products that match your hair type is very important, not to mention the drying method you use. Blow drying can damage your hair. Do not forget that irons can be cruel enemies of your hair.

    3.Stress and sleeping are 2 important factors. If you have a lot of stress in your life and you dont get to sleep much then you should not be surprised by your hair fall. wipe out the stress and try to get enough sleep.

    check this page out for many other useful tips:

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    Its depends on your diet food what you eat.Anyway you should concern a dermatologist

    you should use home remedies use it hope it more helpful

    Boil 1 cup oil or Aamla Aamla with half a kilo of coconut oil. Add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice or lemon crushed seeds and a pinch of black pepper. Apply three times a week at night. Wash in the morning with a mild shampoo.

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    your hair only grows 1 inch a month barely noticable so be patient as dye chemicals can temporerlay stop hair cell growth

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