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Christmas present ideas?!?

In the past year, my twin aunts have done a lot for me since my mother took off. They've really gotten me through some difficult times, and they mean a lot to me. With Christmas coming up, I really want to get them both a nice Christmas present, but I have no idea what to get them.

Kendra likes: Shopping, scarves, nail polish, dog stuff, purses, jewelry, going to the movies, makeup, and purple.

Deanna likes: Zebra, Victoria's Secret, cowgirl-ish stuff(purses and wallets with zebra and horseshoes on them), Marilyn Monroe, perfume/lotion, and classic rock.

I know they're already getting each other like tee shirts and perfume and stuff, so I want it to be a little different than that. Any suggestions help, like gift ideas I can buy or order online would be great!! Thank you(:

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    You could put a gift basket togeher and fill it with a lot of small things they would like. Or get a gift card to their favorite store and tell them the shopping trip will just be the two of you (you take one aunt one day then the other aunt another day) and you could also get them a nice lunch while you are out.

  • Gift baskets are smart. They both seem to like shopping so take each kf them shopping for the day so they can pick whatever they want. No matter what you get them/buy them just let them know that you love them a lot and happy that they were there when you needed it.

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