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I ignored my friend (for the thousandth time) and now I feel really bad?

Tell me if this was rude...

Today in class she walked in...I didn't make eye contact with her the entire class...We're assigned to sit on opposite sides of the room btw. I could feel her staring at me but I'd never look at her. Then I started getting nervous because I knew she was watching was weird. After the teacher calls attendance were allowed to go sit wherever and I saw her sitting alone but then some girl asked if she could work with her. And I had looked over at her for a second (I'm sure she felt it) Whenever I said something, she'd just watch me. But I just ignored her. The teacher was talking to her and I had called the teacher over for help...I wasn't trying to be rude but what if she thinks I did that on purpose?

We haven't actually talked in about 2 weeks...but its weird, in class I ignore her but usually when she sees me she'll smile and say hi as if nothing happened...

Do you think she notices that I'm ignoring her?

And btw I'm not mad at her or anything...I'm just dealing with something...its hard to explain and you probably wouldn't understand anyways...but I'm NOT ignoring her because I don't like her. I'm not even intentionally trying to hurt her but I feel so bad. I do this to her A LOT (for the 2 years I've known her, I'd sometimes blatantly ignore her in class). I've apologized once and she seemed so relieved and happy...but then I just continue doing it...and I only do this to her...I feel terrible...

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    Yes this is absolutely very rude. If you have any problem with her just tell her that you don't like so and so thing in her but ignoring her won't solve anything. She is nice to you so be nice to her its hard to find such friends and you are lucky to have one.

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