Final words to professor, pretty please help me?

What should I say to my professor after I turn in my final exam? He doesn't have office hours, and I wont see him again afterwards. I really like him/admire him, and would like to tell him how awesome his class was ( I just thought his knowledge about the subject was so impressive and he was so helpful)

I know that some (4 or 5) students atleast will be left there when I'm going to turn in my exam, and I dont want to disturb them or make it awkward. The professor is the reserved/introverted type with a subtle sense of humor. Its weird, but he actually wished me happy birthday! He sometimes sits next to me with my group of friends and asks/answers questions, but I know this wont happen on the day of the final.

What is the right thing to say/do? I think it would be weird if I purposely was the last one done with the exam to talk to him. (I have done that before) :(

What would I write in an email? I do not have his address to send a card

Thank you so much!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Maybe what you put in this question?

    Just tell him that you really admired how much he knew about the subject and how much you enjoyed being in his class.

    It doesn't have to be weird. I am sure he will be really happy that is work was appreciated!

    Hope this helps!

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