What to do about the angry black and hispanic women at work?

I am a janitor. I work from 3pm until 11pm in an office building of a credit union. When I start, there is still staff there a few hours.

HR has directed me to remove all portable heaters from the desks. They are unsafe and overload our electrical system. HR gives me a half sheet of paper saying they can find their heaters in the HR office and they need to be taken home.

I think the office is very warm. When I get there, it is 72. I'm working and I find it a bit warm. At 6pm when everyone else is gone or leaving, it goes down to 64 automatically. It goes back up to 72 at 8am the next day automatically too. I don't control the heat.

It never fails. Black and hispanic women wearing way too little for the weather, probably way too little for appropriate office attire always have heaters. If they leave them on, as I am vacuuming, when I go by, I feel them and do what I have to do. Sometimes I see them, sometimes I don't. I don't go looking for them. If you hide it, I will never give it to HR. I'm just doing my job.

So this week I took two to HR. One black woman, the other belonged to a hispanic woman. Last year, the black woman cursed me out after the 3rd time I took her heater to HR. She complained that I was racist. By the 4th time, she threatened me with violence.

The hispanic woman smeared a bottle of jelly all over my car one night. She denies it, but a man who doesn't want to cause problems in the office saw her do it and told me to park in a different area.

I'm just a middle aged, high functioning autistic, white man doing his job and trying to get by. I'm the guy who cleans the toilet for $14 per hour with benefits. Oddly, a few years ago, I had a skilled trade that paid the same with a lot more stress. I'm OK with what I do to earn money. I really don't care what anyone thinks of me or my job.

As the janitor, I get a lot of abuse. I get a lot of "stupid" cracks made at me. I've learned to take it all in stride.

Except this. There's always 7-8 people per winter I take their heaters to HR. There's always 2-3 that I get multiple times. With very few exceptions, they are minority women. Why they don't go after HR or the company, I don't know. I guess the janitor is an easy target.

How can I protect myself from this abuse other than break the rules and get in trouble or quit, neither of which I intend to do. I don't want/need trouble. Thanks.

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  • 8 years ago
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    I would expose these things to the HR department and also ask them to send out an official memo prohibiting the heaters in the office.

  • 8 years ago

    In your statement, "HR has directed me to remove all portable heaters from the desks."

    First of all, HR should have sent an e-mail message to all of the employees that all these space heaters and any other items should not be allowed in the office. For reasons specified by the building's fire safety director for electrical and fire hazards. I should know for one since I am the office Office Services Coordinator and I have been informed by my manager and as well as fire safety director of the building.

    Now regarding the two women at work who are black and hispanic, what makes you assure that they are the only ones that are doing such? You mention only TWO and your assumption that all black and hispanic women wear little for the weather? Have you seen others who dress more comfortably during this time of the fall/winter? Not trying to make any racial debates, however be more considerate about finger pointing. Also, If you have information regarding any tirades or things like she spreads jelly on your car, document it so can take it to HR. You are only doing your job and talk with your supervisor as well how things were handled.

    You want things done professionally and treated professionally as well.

    Good luck.

  • 4 years ago

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