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How is it narcissistic to be in love with yourself?

I keep getting called narcissistic on here because I told people I'm in love with myself. How is this narcissistic?


I still don't see how this is narcissistic nor do I care. haha.

Update 2:

Yeah I look down upon people and etc. So what? It doesn't mean I'm narcissistic.

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    Narcissism- noun) inordinate fascination with oneself; excessive self-love; vanity.

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    Nothing wrong in loving yourself, but when it gets to the point that you ignore or look-down upon the people around you - that is being narcissistic

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    Well, the word "narcissistic" means having an idea of your importance to be great. In other words, you have a big ego. Kind of self-explanatory. If your in love yourself, you see no flaws, or at least, few flaws, putting yourself higher - when in reality, you are a loser.

    I'm not saying you're a loser, I'm just trying to explain it to you.

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    8 years ago

    A greek fable tells the story about a man named Narcissus who loved himself so much that he was gazing at himself in a river and fell in trying to hug his reflection and drowned. That is where the word narcissistic comes from. It is damaging to the self to be narcissistic, as the fable tells. The story goes on to tell that narcissus came back as a flower next to the water where he died and pined away over himself because he died. That is the flower called a narcissus.

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    by utilising loving your self and not loving the belief of your self. in case you do unlike your self you won't be able to love everyone else. you're purely able to resign to you have think of roughly it .. you're confusing love with selflessness/selfishness i think of .. genuine love is the sensation of completeness and being chuffed in that. this is independent and unconditional, this is a understanding that .. no dying, no worry, no regulation , no guy , no god can touch this.. once you have that for your self there is not any reason there .. many human beings love themselves unconditionally yet others think of those persons are vein and narcissistic using fact they can't understand the way someone would desire to love themselves for the "stable" and the "undesirable".. you will by no ability get everywhere by utilising finding exterior of your self and over thinking . it rather is what you're doing now (attempt to photograph it) you're a field completely of stuff && somewhat of letting that stuff out you're taking issues from exterior of the field and putting it in and calling it your self..

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    8 years ago

    Confidence is fine, but when you make people feel inferior with your arrogance that's when it crosses into narcissism.

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