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I have a black 7 month puppy looks like lab with rott face.?

I have a 7 month black dog, he is a mixed breed but dont know the breeds, he weighs around 50lbs, does anyone know if he will grow bigger and what weight to expect, sorry I really don't have much info about his parents.

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    Usually by 7 months he is probably as tall as he is going to get. However, large breeds tend to fill out in weight until about 2. I'd guess on the low side of 70lb (average for a lab) and on the high side of 90lbs (average for a rott). Just a guess based on breed standards for the lab and rott purebreds.

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    Buy the dna test packet from Petsmart, it's around $70 and will tell you everything you need to know about the dog's breed and genetic makeup. You take a sample of your dog's DNA then send it to the lab, then they give you all the results online. Then you will be able to estimate how big the dog will be, highest potential health problems, exercise requirements, and more.

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    Well with a mixed breed you never know the eventual size. At 50 lbs now, he may end up at 60-70lbs

  • Dogzzz
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    At seven months, I would expect that he would grow some larger... how much is impossible to guess well, but maybe another 10 - 15 lbs., a bit taller and become broader and more muscular (if you haven't had him neutered this early). He sounds handsome!

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    And then.....

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