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Am I acceptable? I'm 13?

I know I shouldn't be concerned about dating and such but my friends have already had a lot of guys after them. So here is some stuff about me. My favorite bands are old like queen is one of my favorites. I love video games, black ops 2, and borderlands 2 are my newest favorites. I sold my soul to reddit!!! And I seem to be the only one out of my popular friends interested in what they call guy stuff like (RC helicopters with cameras, comics, and go karting!) I'm also a super nerd and I want to go to comic con!!! I know u all probably say that you need picture proof I swear I'm not fat or fugly but I don't think of myself as gorgeous.

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    I don't care if your friends have had guys "after them." You're all kids and you aren't ready or mature enough for a relationship.

    "Fugly or fat"? Wow, who taught you about being rude? So what about appearance? All this just shows a lot of immaturity. For that reason alone, you're not ready to date or handle that kind of a relationship.

    It's fine to be a nerd and enjoy what you want. Just be yourself. Also, ease up about being so judgmental about people's appearances. You could be unattractive and overweight...but be the kindest, smartest person around with tons of friends, boyfriends and acquaintances. People are attracted to who you are...not your looks. You'll figure this out when you're older. And popularity doesn't matter. It may be a big deal when you're a kid but it means nothing in college or in the real world.

    So, be nicer to people...regardless of what they look like or how popular they are. Be yourself. And stop trying to be like everyone else. Date when you're ready. Don't rush it.

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    That is all really cool stuff. But hey, when it is really quiet and no one is around (or online), do you keep track of where you are going with your life? That is the question that really needs to get answered before actual meaningful dating can happen. It can take a long time before people have that answer.

    The stuff that you have mentioned you are very interested in, those things are not permanent matters in life, and that's what really stands out to me. Maybe you did not realize that. As long as you stick with what you want to do and not make a goal out of acting like males you should have no problem really soon.

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    8 years ago

    You sound like the girl I'm crazy about I don't see why you don't have a bf. Also you mention borderlands and blops so unassuming you have a xbox? Mind adding me it'd be nice to talk to a girl on XBL cuz I'm tired of listing to so many ******* my GT is dennisharrupiv

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    If I was 13 again we would be bff's. You sound like the girl guys would love to be around, but make sure to show interest in them, or you will just be one of the boys

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