Dream.. Blurry on some details?

The setting was me and a girl and my family (but not my actually family, but in the dream i knew they were my family)

I can't recall how it started, and i only can recall small bits, but here it goes.

So it's like twilight, except im not exactly a vampire. Im with my family and then later this girl is with me and shes just perfect. She's beautiful, she loves me, and i love her back. She never has a family in the dream, its just her my family and me with some strangers in the background. I suppose we probably talked about nothing. We walk by this area with a weird sexual thing that i dont exactly want to talk about, and its like a room with people doing a thing thats not dirty that much but still not important, and we're planning on going there and doing it, then something about i can pick which color i want some light on top of our foreheads thats shunes down and tints our faces is, and i pick white, and then magically we are bampires or something, not exactky sure. So later we're going to an airport like thing with fake identities, then we get through and ny fake mother gets caught, nothing bad happens she just tries again and makes it through the security and this part was good but i dont remember much. Were just going back and forth through this security thing for some reason and planning on going to a new place and then there is something about a light house, then the next thing i remember is were back in the room about to do the thing i mentioned earlier, but i wake up

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  • 8 years ago
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    U feel stressed to not lose ur love so u do not go ahead. Fear of failure may hamper ur ultimate goal so be confident. No vampires are available to ditch u in real life . The dream also shows ur insecurity feelings and implied frustration in real life x

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