Will upgrading one line change a whole family plan?

I am up for an upgrade and am planning on switching from my Blackberry to the iPhone 4 they offer for free. I am on a family plan that for some reason still has unlimited data. If I used the upgrade, will that affect the rest of the plan?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Which carrier?

    Generally speaking upgrading one line shouldn't affect the whole plan. Each phone has its own contract and it's own plan on that contract, even a part of the family plan.

    The carrier you have has a lot to do with that too. If you have Verizon, your data plan is your own, and if you have unlimited you will lose it.

    AT&T, you shouldn't have a problem keeping it.

    Sprint, they still have unlimited data offered so that wouldn't make a difference.

    Anyone else, I'm not sure of.

    Long story short, your upgrade should not affect the rest of the plan.

    Source(s): I sell cell phones.
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