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HELP what would a girl possibly think about this?

I started talking to this girl through txt i asked her for her number through facebook we go to the same school and we talked all the time through text until she got her phone taken away then we lost contact until she got it back then she txted me first and we talked again, then summer ended and we went back to school and i found out i had one class with her (P.E) so i saw her everyday then one week i txted her and she didn't respond the same thing kept going on for about 4 weekends... and no response i thought she was mad so i stopped trying to talk to her at school and i havent't talked to her since september except for last week i texted her "happy thanksgiving" and she said "you too :)" but i really felt that she only texted back to this because she had to i'm curious why she put a smiley face though and i see her everyday i thought that i might have annoyed her so i left it alone all that time and i wanna talk to her but i'm being relaxed about the situation even though im really not i'm just not talking to her maybe hoping that she would come up and talk to me but should i go up to her and talk to her first because it seems that she won't budge she doesn't seem mad she just walks past me and doesnt talk to me at all i mean that silence can mean ANYTHING i'm just wondering what it is?

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    so i think that this girl likes you honestly, i did the same thing to a guy that i liked exept everything changed this yr, nyway. i think that she is just trying to get your attention, and you should talk to her first instead of the other way around. about the text thing, she could have been busy or had some major stuff going on so she couldnt respond. also it mught be a thing of, friends, us girls are very protective of our friends so if you were to have said nything that might have offened any of her friends at all i could be that, or that one of her friends liked u first and so then ur off limits(weird we act like guys are toys).

    over all i think that you shouldnt really worry, but you should talk to her in class and ask her about what was going on.

    sorry for the loooonnnnggg anwser but hope it helps (and makes sense) XD

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    Dude. Calm down. Maybe she's just been busy or something, try talking to her in person. And I think you're reading too much into that smiley face, it most likely doesn't mean anything.

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    I agree with Green Locust. I talk to guy's that I don't like...... i think everyone does.

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    It is becAUSE she only wants to be friends , and you want more than that and now she is scared of you ... just tell her you want to be friends.

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    Maybe she's not talking because of your god awful grammar.

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    too long did not read. risk it for the biscuit

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