Distant girlfriemd what do i do? i love her?

I've been dating this girl for six months. I love her to death. At the beginning, it was her chasing me. But (as in my past) the relationship has slowly turned to her being hard to get. Over these six months I have loved her more and more and have gotten sensitive to her. I have always shown her love and she has started to pull back. It's a long distance relationship, but we have tons of connection.

Unfortunately, a week ago we almost broke up as she (nearly) decided she wanted to break up. She ended up coming back and saying she made a terrible mistake, and I gave her a chance. The thing is now, since then, she has been acting as independent and "I dont give a f*ck" as ever (she always kinda has been, but even moreso now).

My question is, what is my course of action to keep her interested in me? Do I play hard to get? Do I stop responding to texts/calls for a little while? Or will that just drive her away as she is very independent?

What do I do?

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    8 years ago
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    No. You're not playing 'hard to get', you just are loving her even more and more and she's getting uncomfortable about it. If you think she's uncomfortable about it, talk to her about it. If u don't talk to her about it, you'll just "drive" her away from u. Goodluck.

    Source(s): 13 yr old girl, broke up with a boy I never liked.
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