Civil War question for history paper?

how was the issue of slavery dividing the nation--North vs. South--in the years immediately preceding the Civil War? What were the likely consequences or results of these mounting sectional tensions?

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    for one u had under educated people and that in turn caused more low level workers all the same. u had more poverty develop cause slaves were freed and had no other place to go or didnt even know where to start. u ended up with something they called "shanty" towns where poor people were camping out. if u have more minds educated, then u might have more ideas for inventions and such. this all caused an uprise of confusion.

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    Slavery was a contentious issue in America before we became America Rhode Island banned slavery before we became America in was banned in the north of America before it was in the U K and europe my state Texas as not allowed in the union for years because we were a slave state

    The Christian religion was the driving force behind the banishment of slavery both in the U K and U S

    Google up John Brown

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    It replaced into hell! Hell, I tell you! In those days, drugs replaced into Little better than darkish Age stuff. different than for the ghastly wounds inflicted on adult males as a consequence of the crude strategies utilized in those days, probable greater adult males died from illnesses and by therapy than have been easily killed by skill of the different factor. The nurses, volunteers working in medieval circumstances alongside with the docs (i exploit the word loosely) although did a perfect activity. Indescribable, is how i could describe the existence of nurses. It replaced into like that for the time of the Crimean war which preceded the yank Civil war, wherein united states of america replaced into not in contact.

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    the north wanted the slavery but the south did not wante the abolotion of slavery. which menat tthat there woudl be the civil war

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