How can I get myself to commit to this?

I always, always say i am going to do something but i never do. I tell myself i will practice an hr of piano today, dont do it and dont care. I say i will come home and go strate to my homework and chores, but I dont do it and dont care. I say I will crochet a dress by christmas. so far I am not doing it an I dont care. I say I will beat my running time. not only do I not I dont even try and I dont care.

does anyone know what I can do to make myself want to really do what I say I will?

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  • 8 years ago
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    You say you don't care...but do you?

    Your last sentence express the fact that you do care, so which is it?

    Maybe you do care but you have a mind that puts off what is unpleasant.

    Without knowing it you may think of the subject and then quickly feel drained by the effort of doing something unpleasant. This is quite a common habit.

    There is no short fast answer for this habit, and it is a mental habit, a very bad one at that. You can end up not in control of yourself at all if you'r not careful and so problems pile up and become very great.

    One thing to stop is promising yourself that you will do something and then not doing it, do you realise that you lose faith and trust in yourself every time you fail.

    Better to not make a promise at all, than to make one and then break it.

    Do not make a promise to yourself unless you absolutely mean to do it and then make sure you do, no matter what.

    You must learn to do less, but do it.

    Start with very easy and small things. After a time you will realise that if you do things strait away before you give it much thought it actually requires less effort than you imagined.

    Do not make a promise to yourself unless you intend to keep it, this is very important.

    I have had to struggle with this myself. You will find that if you start doing things at the moment they arise, thing get easier and you will enjoy the free time you have for yourself rather than spending the free time in guilt and self criticism.

    Good luck.

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