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Just found out i am possibly the father of a child, how to get sole custody?

Just found out i am the possible father to a 3 year old little girl. Her mother is a recovering methamphetamine addict, and just got out of the ADO house a few weeks ago and has been in and out of jail for years. She has already lost custody of the child a couple of times. Her ex-husbands parents had custody for a long time as she was in and out of jail, and when she finally got divorced she decided to test me to see if i was the father because im guessing her husband came back NOT the father.

I have an 18 month old daughter with my wife, and hold a corporate construction job which i support my family. I own everything besides my house which we are renting to own, and have a very stable environment for this child.

If this test comes back positive, i am wanting to try to fight for sole-custody. Her mother isn't providing a good environment for her, and never has.

What are my chances and does anyone have any advice?


she absolutely is an unfit parent, i do have plenty of proof and i already have a lawyer who has agreed to represent me in the case if it does come back my child.

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    Go to your local library and see what books they have on Father's Rights.

    It will give you a lot of information on how to obtain a lawyer, and how to present yourself in court.

    How does your wife feel about the 3yr old girl coming to live with you? Is she supportive of your decision to have full custody?

    Father's do have more rights than they did years ago, and if you are indeed her biological father, you could very well be given full custody. You seem to be able to offer her a secure, safe & loving environment - which is a definite plus.

    It sounds like this young child has been bounced around from home to home, and she may have some issues you will need to learn to deal with. It will help if both you and your wife are on the same page with discipline and how you want to raise your children.

    Conflict between spouses makes a child's bad behavior much worse, and also creates problems in the marriage. Being on the same page with how you are raising your children will create a strong family bond between you.

    I hope that if she is your child, that you get full custody so that she will finally have a stable and loving home.

    When you go to court, your wife should be with you.

    You should both dress appropriately.

    Do not raise your voice in anger, no matter how much your ex or her family will try to make you lose your temper. If you react in anger, and start yelling - the judge will wonder how you will treat your daughter.

    Explain how well you are doing with work, your finances, how you have a loving home to welcome your daughter into.

    Talk about how good the school system is in your area.

    Tell the judge how concerned you are with your daughter's mother's drug use, jail time and the environment she has exposed your daughter to. Explain you want to give your daughter a loving stable home.

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    Lawyer and as long as you have proof that she is actually an unfit parent you can even go through the courts yourself. It's best to ensure that she is really an unfit parent.

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    Well i would say you have a very good chance as soon as the results get in and there positive i would have a lawyer ready .

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    get a lawyer quick

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