FBI Called me?? 10 Points!?

Okay i didn't seem to give much information on my last question so this question i'm actually typing from my computer.


My Mom was at work today and around 11am they called my mom from a "UNKNOWN" Number. My mom picked up her phone and answered it. A Person talked to her telling her that someone in her house has been illegally downloading music. They know whats my moms name and they know our address.

They said they someone in our house is downloading music illegally, and that we have to pay $1,200 or something.

Now, my mom said the call sounded real.

My Mom says it was the "FBI" who called her but she sort of can't remember if it was the "FBI" or they probably mentioned the "FBI" maybe it could of been something else but she honestly can't remember much.

Anyways, they told her to go to San Fernando tomorrow to sign some papers or something? Or Pay? I don't really know since she hasn't told me much. But i'm pretty sure she has to sign some papers?

Now, is this real or a scam? What if it turned out real and my mom didn't go and she could get in big trouble??

They told her that they can take our computers and check them, Idk. My mom is Mexican so talking to her was really hard to get all this informations.

No one in our house download music illegally, we download software like Java or iTunes but thats pretty much it.

Also we use to have our Wifi Router unprotected, maybe someone in my apartments (around 30 people living in my apartmet) used our wifi and maybe download music?

Lastly, can they really take our computers?

Thanks, i just find it really weird that they knew all our informations.

10 Points to the best answer! Thanks!


Please give FULL DETAIL That this might be a scam so i can show my mom. 10 Points to that person

Update 2:

How did they know all our information?? My Mom stil thinks its real and shes probably going to go tomorrow to SIGN SOME PAPERS! help? its somewhere in san fernando

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  • 8 years ago
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    If the FBI wants to contact you they will do it in person and the agent will show you his badge.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    In my opinion, definitely a scam. The FBI has not enough time to go and get every music pirate around, and they definitely don't care about the receiving end of the music. They look for the people putting the music up. And secondly, no they can't take your computers. They need an obvious warrant, and they need to come to your house and show your badge. Even if this really is the FBI, you could sue them for in warranted search of property. Whoever these people are, their trying to get you to show up somewhere with a few computers and a lot of cash. Obviously a scam. What I would do is block their number, and don't go. If the FBI is actually on your back for downloading pirated music then they will have the courtesy to show up at your door step or write you a for real letter. Tell your mom to just ignore that call, and wait and see if their is further action by anyone related to this.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    That is a COMPLETE SCAM!! The real FBI would come knock at your door if any of that was true. Plus someone else on Yahoo answers said the exact same thing that some "FBI" had called them to say the illegally downloaded music and to come to San Fernando and they owe money. So the scammer is stupid enough to say the same lie to many people.

  • Rob
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    8 years ago


    i saw a documentary where thesw scam artists made a fake courtroom

    The FBI would no call you and give you amole time to destroy the evidence, they would get a warrant and take all of your computers and electronic devices, then they would give your mom a date to show up in court if they do not arrest her right there, then she would have to prove she was innocent in a court of law

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  • 8 years ago

    100 % TOTAL SCAM!

    No agency federal, state, county or local can impose a fine without a hearing or trial.

    This is not how the FBI operates.

    You should report this SCAM to the FBI first thing in the morning. They would love to bust these scum bags!

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Sounds like a scam. If it was a legitimate call, they would most likely serve you with a summons.

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