Is my friend right?? Not sure?

I told her about me trying to loose weight, and she said she is to!

She says she's just lieing down on her stomach and ( don't know how to explain ) she lifts her legs up so it looks like she's kicking her butt. But she's on her stomach

Really fast

For hours... She said it is going to work, and she will loose enough weight in four weeks

I have no idea of this is true, or it's not going to work?

Help? Also would she loose heaps? Of weight in her legs or wherever

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  • 8 years ago
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    If it`s getting her heart pumping fast then it might help a little, but she shouldn`t expect to be a Victoria Secrets model in 4 weeks. Cardio workouts such a running etc..gets your heart rate up and burns fat. Doing crunches and stuff like that will build muscle but won`t necessary burn the fat. But when you DO lose the fat, the musles will be visible. So NO the workout she`s doing isnt going to cause her to burn weight in heaps. But we are all different.

  • 8 years ago

    it wont u do that while running but just look on youtube thats what i did and lost 15 lbs

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