Advise on non committing ex bf?

Okay so my ex bf and I dated for 8 months, then broke up because of my jealousy blah blah lol. But ever since then about a year ago we've been on and off. I love him so much and I know he loves me but he just won't commit to me again and I'm sick of it. He acts like we're dating then I bring the subject up of dating and he all the sudden "doesn't want a relationship" we got in an argument and haven't talked much in two days.. He still wants to take me out fr my birthday next week but I was thinking about the NO CONTCT RULE,. Should I start now or after my birthday and does anyone have any other advise for me?

And may I add I've done the NCR with him and it does work ! He always reaches out to me but I think I give in too soon..

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    8 years ago
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    You need to keep a distance. Since he talks to you when you ignore him, do that (though in the long run, it's not a healthy practice). Or minimize communication with him. You can still respond but not always and not immediately. It's psychology: if a person doesn't want something or to do something and you keep on bringing up that something, they are more likely to not want it. It's simple.

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