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What are good DS games?

I have a DS lite but I haven't played it for awhile because I'm bored with my current games. I want to know about games where you play or control some kinds of creatures kinda like an RPG. Any suggestions?

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    Obviosuly, there is always Pokemon. But I'm guessing that's not what you mean. You may want to check out Dragon Quest VIII. It got an amazing review on IGN (9 out of 10), though I've never personally played it.

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    I assume you already know Pokemon. Other than that, I suggest any of the Fire Emblem series, preferably the GBA ones, but the DS one is good too. In Fire Emblem is a turn based strategy RPG, you don't really control creatures, you control a wide cast of units like knights, mages, archers, the class list is very big. Every unit has a unique personality and background, and they grow on the battlefield, (this isn't as evident in the DS one). The thing that separates this game from other RPG's is that if a character loses all their HP, they make a final death quote, and they are dead for the rest of the game. The DS one is the most difficult of the handheld versions, but it's still pretty good, but I recommend the GBA ones, Fire Emblem (actually 7th in the series in Japan) and Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones (very easy).

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    Out of all the DS games I played I would have to suggest Dragon Quest Sentinel of the Starry Sky and T.W.E.W.Y. Both games have amazing graphics and a outstanding storyline.

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    I personally love mario

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    You should try the kingdom of hearts series they are pretty cool.

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