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How does spanish work?

Like how do they make anothet word into that word for example shut up , how do they change shut up to callaté ? And like do all spanish people know every word in spanish or would they have to learn it....i just need someone to tell me exactly how spanish works because i can say some stuff but to speak spanish would i have to speak it fast?

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  • 8 years ago

    Hi. I am bilingual, and I know both English and Spanish, but Spanish is my native tongue. These two languages are very different. English is a Germanic Language, and Spanish is a Romance Language.

    Also, Spanish speakers know Spanish like English speakers know English. It is not like Spanish is the hardest language in the world lol.

    Also, It is not that Spanish speakers speak spanish faster but that you cannot simply understand it. I've heard many Spanish speakers say the same thing as you. "Why do English speakers speak so fast?

    I Hope this helps!

  • 8 years ago

    No Spanish speaking ppl do not know ever word.. Do you know every English word .. Also Spanish Is not like English they say what we say but kind of backwards.. We say orange juice they say juavo de la Naranja which literally means the juice of the orange .. But it's not always like that .. We say bread thy have a word for bread - pan .. Hope it helps

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