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To men: are you a gentleman?

For men:

Are you a gentleman? How or… how not? (I don't want to ask why… just… what actions support why or why not.)


Do you like gentlemen? What kinds of guys do you like more than gentlemen?



idk… I guess that would depend on whether you're intentionally deceptive or simply trying to act appropriately in different situations.

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    No. I have good manners in general, and act with common decency. Anything above that must be earned. Women wanted equality, and so they get it from me. If they give me more, I give them more. But they are not entitled to anything more than common decency.

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    Women are destroying the "Gentleman", in a world where women want equal rights, equal pay, equal this, equal that but still expect the man to carry her 10 shopping bags and open the door at the same time you find that the "Gentleman" is disappearing.

    Equal rights also means equal shopping bags and equal payment of the bill.

    While this is not an attitude that I fully agree with its the path that society is being pushed into. We are being brainwashed into the thinking that everyone is the same and we are all equal and this reflects in the narrowing of the "Gentleman" and "Lady" "duties"

    Hailey - Learn to read, I was talking in 3rd person and as a society, you know nothing about me so your comments are unwarranted and disrespectful. Besides i'm not American and I don't listen to American "Rap" if thats what you call it.

    Also I don't appreciate your prejudice and slander. Just because someone doesn't open doors for a women doesn't make them a rapist and your suggestion that it does is sick.

    UMMM Hailey you said its chauvinistic pigs that are teaching guys its ok to abuse and rape people, your words not mine.

    I understand that, but don't see how its relevant to the question or answers.

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    Gregory The Goat thinks that both men and women should be "gentle". In a sense, Gregory The Goat will act like a gentleman so long as women act like ladies.

    Gregory The Goat cannot "be" a gentleman, of course, for he is a goat.

    @Hailey - Gregory The Goat knows for a fact that society treats men like rubbish far more than women. Male victims of domestic abuse are ridiculed on TV and in general, plus there's hardly any shelters for them. And yes, males are 40% of DV victims.

    Gregory The Goat askes you a question: how often do you see the media making fun of gential mutlilation on males as opposed to females? That's what Gregory The Goat thought...

    See this jacket with very long sleeves? Gregory The Goat thinks you should wear it! Now, now!!!

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    Depends on the people I am around. Does that sound two-faced?

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    I do like gentleman. In fact if a guy isn't a gentleman I won't even talk to him 'cause I don't waste my time on assholes. The only guy I would say I like more are the cute romantic musician type of guys like my Husband who aren't afraid to show their emotions and don't act like robots.

    Edit: @JT

    Ooohh and I suppose you are a REAL gentlemen with that comment huh? We are not destroying gentleman. It's male chauvinist pigs like you and American rap music and slimey porn movies that are teaching guys that it is okay to treat us like rubbish, physically abuse us and rape us but you still allow people to create that filth.

    Edit: @Gregory The Goat

    Blah, blah, blah.....Ummmm.....What did you say again? I have never seen the media once make fun of genital mutation and I kinda think you are just making that up to your 'Poor Me' pitiful rant that we have heard over and over again by other wankers just like you.

    And JT. I never said not opening doors for us makes a guy a rapist. Now you are just putting words into my mouth 'cause I hurt your fragile little ego.

    @JT. Have a listen to some of the lyrics that are in rap songs and tell me if you think they don't influence rape. There are songs that talk about raping women in very graphic details and call us offensive names like bitches, whores and sluts but they are allowed to be played in America 'cause of freedom of speech so obviously the American music industry supports rape and promotes it on radio stations.

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    "gentleman" isn't that a term from like 100 years ago?

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    8 years ago

    No, gentlemen don't get girls

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