I find it very hard to trust my boyfriend, should I...?

break up?

I am occasionally under stress because of this.

He painted himself a bad boy/good boy/sensitive image.

And it constantly switches maybe due to smoking weed

and he has said really seedy things in the past about him and other girls that made me think he is the flirtacious type or a massive player... and he gets attatched to girls really easily

his bestfriend is a girl. they hang out a lot and she goes to his house a lot

and you see why I find it so hard to trust him?

1 Answer

  • 8 years ago

    well only way you can find out is to talk to him, tell him how you feel, hiding your feeling about him is only going to make it worse, if you talk with him and ask him whats really going on and ask him to truly and honestly tell you the truth everything of the truth and nothing but the truth and listen and see what he has to say then if you think hes lying then you both go from there. I wouldn't really recommend making a decision based on what we think, its about what you think and what your heart really thinks and is trying to tell you also listen to your instincts and what your gut tells you as well. Sorry but i have a bit of a back bone for these kinds of things. Hope i help, remember just remain calm and things will work out if it's meant to be ! :) Good luck!

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