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Bulimia- what's going to happen to my teeth?

Okay so, I know all the go get help stuff, and trust me I've been trying. I even told one of my friends (She used to struggle with anorexia)

I stopped purging for about two weeks and then began again again and it's been about three times since, but they were kind of big purges. I followed the whole wait on brushing your teeth, gargle hot water, ext.

I just wanted to know how many times I'd have had to have purged in order for a dentist to notice. My estimate is about (15-25) times but I'm not exactly sure. This has been increasing for about half a year.

I don't know what I should do, will the dentist notice anything. I've heard numerous stories of girls who were forced to come out about their ED because some doctor/dentist noticed. I don't look like I'm bulimic or anything but my teeth are kind of bad to begin with. Any suggestions? (The appointment is in a week)

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    If he notices, so what? Maybe he'll tell your parents and you'll be forced in to treatment and your life may be saved? That would suck!!

    Anyway, why would you worry about your weight when your teeth are rotting out? People won;t care if you're skinny, they'll just see your gross teeth and turn away in disgust. So now you're mentally ill, emaciated, and you have bad teeth. Good job!

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