Am I the only one who feels this way ? /;?

I'm feeling really anxious for some reason . Me & hubby are TTC #1 , we BD on Tuesday (11/26) & im so suppose to be ovulating tomorrow Thursday . We have tried for about 5 mons & no luck ): Before, we use to BD almost everyday , so this time we tried to do it just Sunday & Tuesday so he could have more sperm . I don't want to get disappointed again, and I feel anxious cuss of it . If I don't conceive this month then we will stop trying, & try again till next year . Have you felt this way ?

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    8 years ago
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    Anyways sorry baabyboo well if your having sexual intercourse a lot it can actually lower is sperm count (in other words) weaken

    Try not having sex till your next ovulation date then have sex before and the day off your ovulation date and when you do make your you stay laying down on your back for at least 15 minutes!

    It took me and my boyfriend almost a year because we thought the more sex we had the quicker I could get pregnant which was wrong then we stopped for a whole week and BAM! Haha! Good luck trying to get pregnant and God bless :)!

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    I had fertility issues so yes I've felt EXACTLY like that. Don't give up trying yet. You have been going about it wrong. I have some advice that should get you pregnant in 6 months or less. Fertility check ups never hurt so if you don't conceive this cycle have a checkup for good measure. You can only conceive when ovulating. Calendars and aps are not accurate they are only a guideline. Basil body temp charting can be effected by so many things so its hard to do accurately. Physical symptoms of ovulation can happen anywhere from 3 days before to 3 days after actual ovulation. The absolute BEST way of detecting ovulation is home ovulation tests. They are also the first clue as to how your fertility is doing. If you are fertile and ovulating properly you will get a period 14 days after your positive ovulation test if not pregnant. If you go a whole cycle without a positive or if it takes longer to get a period (and you aren't pregnant) then you aren't releasing eggs. Clomid can fix that. Clomid is a very mild and inexpensive fertility med. There is no risk for becoming the next octomom and only a 10% higher than normal chance of having twins or triplets. But most likely you won't need clomid. You need to have sex once a week plus the day of the positive ovulation test and the day after. Having sex too often lowers his count and makes it harder to conceive. Not having sex often enough reduces the quality of his sperm making it harder to conceive (it becomes stale in a sense). Cut caffeine out of your diets. Caffeine reduces your fertility by 50%. Don't take prenatals until you are pregnant but do take a wonan's multivit. Do not take more vitamin c than is in your multivit. Excessive vitamin c increases the acidity in your vaginal secretions making it less sperm friendly. Remain on your back with your bottom on a pillow (to tilt your vaginal canal with the opening up) for 39 minutes after sex. This lets the sperm get where they need to go. Doing all this should get you pregnant quick. Try not to stress and try not to get discouraged. A fertile couple using home ovulation tests conceives in an average of 6 cycles.

    Source(s): I had fertility problems. We tried for 3 years to get pregnant before we had a successful pregnancy and my ob taught us a lot in that time. After 2 years we discovered I wasn't ovulating. I was put on clomid. With clomid and ovulation tests I got pregnant in 3 cycles. Unfortunately it was ectopic and we lost it. We tried again and conceived first cycle then miscarried. We started trying again and were about to give up fearing another loss even if we did conceive when I found out I was pregnant. Conceived on the second cycle. Our baby is 4 weeks old. Baby dust to you.
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    It took me 8 months of unprotected sex three times a day every day (except during periods) to conceive my first.

    And 2 months of barely consistant sex on birth control to conceive my second.

    So you never know what will happen, stressing over it actually makes it harder to conceive but don't give up, just stop thinking about it until you miss a period.

    Make sex more fun, spontaneous and romantic to distract you because the power of the mans ejaculation is all behind the level of arousal.

    Good luck and have fun while you're trying :)

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    8 years ago

    yip relax and do it all naturally. we started trying in august didnt get pregnant till dec jan and we were going to stop trying too, to take pressure off and remember why we were doing this in the first place. dont get all got to have sex on this day and that day. trying for a baby is suppose to be fun. enjoy it role play do sumthing u usually wouldnt do if you know ya private bits all healthy and good it will happen all in good time good luck

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    just relax. do it naturally with love. dont rush it, when he nuts in u just lay there with a pillow under ur booty and let the little swimmers go for it. do it at night.. and go to sleep and dont get up let the sperm go for it. or during the day then take a nap. but maybe he isnt the one god intended to give u a baby. if u have doubts.. ur right.

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