I like older guys. but I don't know any who are single HELP?

I like older Men 38-44 but im 20. I want date a guy around that age.

I haven't had any luck. Should I approach a older guy? if so How?

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    8 years ago
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    you would be best to approach them say hello talk to them ---- look at their ring finger --- even if they have taken a ring off you can see the mark ---- its not definitive but it will give you an idea ---- especially as you have approached them ---- if he is attached then he will probably let you know just be aware and look for signs that he is attached like making conditions on when you can talk or meet ---- major red flags

    there are so many children around that really have no idea ---- its not about daddy issues ---- its wanting someone more mature more experienced probably a lot more interesting as well --- besides you really dont choose who you fall in love with --- to limit yourself means you may miss out on the love of your life and be forced to "settle" for someone

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    I am going to answer your question with another question: ask yourself why do you like older men in the first place? I am in no way saying you shouldn't like them or that you don't really like them, however you might think you like them for all the wrong reasons.

    I'm telling you this because I can relate, I like older men too, I mean who wouldn't? What young girl or woman wouldn't choose a mature guy over 20something or even 30something year old kids. Although age is not a sign of maturity - trust me, there is this professor at my college who's 40 and he's still acting like a 14year old jerk.

    I allways kind of prefered older men over someone my own age, although I even dated a guy who was a year younger than me (any guesses on how that ended? ;), but I've found that my liking of them is linked to me believing they are mature instead of them actually being that way. In my experience, older guys who date really young women are often insecure and incomplete as people and dating someone younger or just being in a sexual relatioship with them is a way of boosting their own ego and showing off for others.

    So, I guess my advice would be that before you get into a any kind of relationship you should firstly know where you stand and ultimately the guy you're interested in or whom you've come across.

    Best of luck to you...

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    Am here to chat with you when ur ready. I am not 40 but i have some experience at my 30 yrs of age.. just send me n email with a pic of you. If i like i will reply

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    Go to clubs. Ask them to buy you a drink. Or actually give people your age a chance... I mean i understand girls like guys with experience and direction in life but damn 40 for a 20 year old is like a strange fetish.

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  • 8 years ago

    Just get eye contact and smile. Most guys with brains will get the message.

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    8 years ago

    send me your email address and we can start now. deanthomas289 at yahoo dot com

  • 8 years ago

    try homeless shelter

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