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What are the most important things to know about Driving?

I'm learning about the "Rules of the Road". I just started studying this week, what are the important things to know? I've covered a lot, but I want to know the basic stuff.

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    Understand exactly what signs mean. Look as far ahead as you can see and be aware of everything around you. Have an escape route in your mind every minute you are driving so you know where to go when someone else does something stupid near you. Plan your trips well and know ahead of time where you are going so you will be in the correct lanes to make your turns safely. If you aren't in the correct lane then proceed forward and turn around when it is safe to do so.

    When coming onto a highway keep in mind that the on ramp is also known as the acceleration lane.

    Know your vehicle well. Check your oil levels, belts for tightness, check your rad fluid when the engine is cold, turn on all your signals and get out of your car to make sure they are all working properly. Following those basic rules will ensure you are a safe driver.

    Source(s): Driver for 31 years qualified to drive anything on the highways, except a motorcycle. I drive a semi long haul all over North America.
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    Your vehicles braking performance is much more important than its acceleration.

    People with powerful cars will always refer to being able to "accelerate out of trouble".

    It's total BS. 99.99% of the time it's your brakes that get you out of trouble.

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    Pay constant attention to what the other vehicles are doing.

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    traffic signs. those learners permit tests like to ask you about standard laws and punishments (how long is your license suspended if you do X.)

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