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If God exists, why is he such a prick?

Make man. Make them extremely dependent on their environment and make sure they're quite fragile so that they can easily kill each other. Set up a system called nature where living things have to kill and eat, digest, and crap out other living things in order to stay alive.

Make Earth specifically for them. Make it 70%+ salt water and freeze most of the drinkable water in glaciers.

Make a guy named Lucifer with full knowledge of the fact that he will betray you and cause unfathomable amounts of pain and suffering. Make no attempt to stop him from doing so.

Put the first man and woman in a wonderful garden. Put one specific tee in the garden that you are not to eat the fruit from or you will suffer terrible consequences. Tell this to the two people with full knowledge that they will eat the fruit(that you chose to put there).

Allow a very persuasive serpent(which apparently has vocal chords) to coax them into eating the fruit. Do nothing to stop this.

Once they eat the fruit, punish not only the two people that ate the fruit, but ALL of their offspring to come. Do the same for the serpent.

Much later, send your son(who is also you) to be tortured to death as a loophole for a rule that YOU made.

Make it so that the only way to get into heaven and be saved from Hell is to believe that this actually happened. Don't make any attempt to clarify that this story is the real one and that the other religions are myths. Leave people to speculate. And if they don't accept the right set of assumptions before they die, send them to be unimagineably tortured forever regardless of how good of a person they were.

DO NOT make a 3rd place for good people who unknowingly chose the wrong faith.


I don't know about you guys, but of this is what God is like, I think I'll take my chances in Hell.

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    I know you aren't talking about the God named Thor, because he would never make something possible and then label it a sin (fragile bodies capable of being killed). Indestructible bodies would make murder a moot point. I can hear them crying "free will" now, but what they don't understand is that we don't have free will to do an infinite amount of things, like run at 200 MPH. The universe works, but it is absolutely pathetic in light of an all powerful creator. Pretty much everything could be improved upon. It's a bang up job for indifferent nature, but shameful for an all knowing creator. If such a creator existed we couldn't possible conceive of a better way, but we can so Gods are logically impossible. At least omniscient, benevolent and omnipotent Gods.

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    Well my view is simple, why would you worship and give your life for a god that lets terrible things happen to good people. The only explanation you receive, is that it's all god's plan or will. If I believed in god and heaven I would rather burn in hell then be with a entity that has the power to end suffering with no effort, but chooses put the good people through terrible trials, while the evil people of this world live rich of the suffering of others. You would have to be a sick individual to admire this god. Anyone or thing that condemns my mother, who is the most selfless, kindest, loving person to hell because she does tarot cards and doesn't go to church doesn't deserve my love. If any real person treated people like that you would say F U buddy and probably beat his ***. People need to get off their fat butts and stop praying, and start taking action. And I'm sorry that your grandmothers in that pain, I had to watch both my grandpa and grandma die slowly from cancer, the only thing you can do help is give them love and fill their final days with all your love and give them comfort till the end, Cause if there is a god he doesn't care about you or your grandma's suffering. He's too busy watching children getting decapitated on the Gaza strip. I'm not trying to make you believe differently, but just put the spot lite on the undeniable truths in this world.

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    At the beginning there was no death.

    Haven't you ever heard of the Water Cycle?

    I have heard one explanation of why lucifer was allowed to run rampant if you want to put it that way...was because then all creation...the angels, us humans, etc. could see what how things would really be if lucifer was in control...and that not good.

    Let me put it like this. Imagine you are a construction worker and very good at building houses. Some brat comes up and says, "I can do better than you can! I should be in charge! I'm so much better than you are!" Now there are workers around with this brat. Some of them go on his side but most stay on yours.

    So you could just pulverize this ungrateful brat or you could allow him to show everyone how much better he thinks he is:

    "All right. Go ahead. Build a house. Show everyone why you should be in charge. Put your money where your mouth is."

    Now everyone watches and sees what a lousy house this brat builds and thereby finds out that you should be the one in charge.

    Sides if God had zapped lucifer right away, then the angels would serve God out of fear, "Look! God just zapped lucifer! We better behave or He will zap us too!"

    The consequence was death. Do note that God said death not eternal torture.

    Parents leave out brownies. If a child disobeys the command to not eat one, shall we blame the parents?

    We ought to obey God because we love Him..not because He forced us to obey. Sides Adam and Eve could at any time have called on God, but they didn't.

    Are we punished for their sins? No. Nonetheless Jesus took the punishment for our sins which is death. He shed His Blood and died for us on the cross and rose again three days later. Ultimately cause of what He done, no one has to be punished. Only ones who shall be are those who reject the salvation found only in Jesus.

    if Jesus was not sent to earth to die for our sins, then we would have no hope. There would be no forgiveness, no eternal life...the only thing we would have to look forward to is the wrath of God on us for our evil disobedience and the destruction of our bodies and souls in the lake of fire. If I may be so blunt, if Jesus hadn't shed His blood and died for us and rose again, we'd all be screwed.

    Oh there is evidence that the Bible is true and the Gospel and all that...but thing is...are you willing to look into that fairly?

    No one is good and getting to Heaven isn't based on being good enough which is impossible. Far as eternal torture, I don't know where you got that crap from cause the Bible doesn't teach it. It teaches For the wages of sin is DEATH, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 6:23. Did you notice the word there isn't eternal torture? For more info see

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    Your method for determining what is truth, is like fumbling around in the dark hoping to stumble over the truth like its something hard to find, like a needle in a hay stack.... The truth is right under your nose, read the Book. Or. always wounder.... Stop going to ignorant people for the truth. Your just repeating misconceptions and Biblical illiteracy . You don't understand. So why be so critical about something you know nothing about ?????

    Have a nice trip.

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  • YANM
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    Ask and it shall be given. You have asked and received. The heat in hell is hotter than the centre of the sun and you live in it. Too proud to get a bible and read Luke 16 v 19 - 31. King James version best. Library have bibles'. You have a month to repent or you get your wish. I suggest you read it before the month is done.

  • Lane
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    One of the issues for me about religion ( aside from the whole, why believe in god at all thing) is that if there was a god there is no way he could be the colossal prick Christians claim he is. Jesus certainly wasn't half the *** his followers claim.

    JT, never actually read any philosophy, have you?

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    Look at a few philosophy's, without pain there is no pleasure, without the poor there is no rich, without cold there is no hot, without the bad people there is no good people, without the wet there is no dry. The list goes on. Imagine a world where everything is the same, it would be a boring place.

    Source(s): You can't have one without the other
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    im going to enjoy being in hell with mark if there is such a thing we will all have to wait and see

  • john m
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    8 years ago

    You should read the Upanishads and get back to your audience.

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    Anti-Theist here.

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