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How to tell if my cat is pregnant?

At what age can a cat get pregnant? My kitten isn't even a year old yet, and I have a feeling she is... She's getting really fat lately, and she's been wanting to eat ALL the time, like meowing for food multiple times a day... So I finally give her more and she wolfs it down like she hasn't eaten in years... Does this sound like she could be pregnant??

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    "isn't even a year old"??? Kittens can reach sexual maturity as young as FOUR MONTHS.

    If your allowed your cat to free roam or had unaltered males in your home then of COURSE she is pregnant. Call the vet tomorrow and get her in for a spay/abort. How could you be so damn irresponsible when MILLIONS of cats and kittens are being put to death at shelters since there's not enough homes for them???

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    Female cats can first go into heat anywhere between the ages of 4 months and 1 year, depending upon their breed. Generally speaking, domestic shorthairs will come into heat earlier than their longhair counterparts. There aren't many obvious signs of pregnancy in the first few weeks, but as the pregnancy progresses, you may notice symptoms such as larger, pinker nipples and increased appetite with weight gain. Her personality also may change, in that she will become more loving and affectionate, and will sleep more. When she gets closer to giving birth, you may find her roaming around your house crawling in weird hidden spaces trying to find a good place to give birth. It sounds like she could be.

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    I have a cat and it started to do the same thing. She gave birth like 3 weeks after that so your cat may be pregnant. Another symtom is if the cat kind of is sleeping more or resting more and not running around. Hope this helped.

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    Well, there is many ways to tell if you're cat is pregnant, First, if you see her nipples getting bigger, that's a sign, also if she gets cuddly all the time, if she sleeps alot that can be a sign, last if you notice her excessively eating more then normal, You're cat is most likely pregnant, Hope this helped!

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    Take the cat to the vet

    Have the cat spayed

    Keep the cat inside where it belongs

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    She might be pregnant, I remember when my cat was pregnant she ALWAYS wanted attention. when a cat is pregnant their nipples become pinker and much bigger. Also my cat hated getting her belly stroked.

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    She could possibly be pregnant best thing to do is take her to the vet just to make sure it's not any other serious issues.

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