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Paper or Plastic? Why?

The decision is yours

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    reason I say that is plastic can be used, reused and recycled if you take them back to the store

    we keep cutting down trees to make paper bags and it is causing deforestation. it also takes away habitats for birds, etc.

  • John W
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    8 years ago

    The answer is actually quite surprising, most people would say paper because paper biodegrades. However, when something biodegrades, it's carbon are released as CO2 and with our current concerns with global warming, that's bad for the environment. Plastic are made from natural gas which would otherwise be burnt at the well site in flares as most natural gas are or burned for energy. When it's made into plastics, whether it's recycled or piled into a land fill, it sequesters the carbon indefinitely which given global warming is good for the environment. However, paper doesn't actually biodegrade in a landfill because a landfill is anaerobic and it takes an aerobic environment such as a compost pile to biodegrade paper. So both approaches don't biodegrade ad sequesters cardbon. That leaves the fact that it takes less energy to make plastic bags and because they are small and light, it takes less energy to deliver to market and occupies less space in the landfill. Paper takes far more energy and causes more pollution. Hence the net benefit to the environment is with plastic bags but few people realize that.

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    I wish we could use paper, but, especially here in the south, there is too much of a chance of cockroach eggs getting into the house with paper bags. We have switched to reusable cloth bags. They hold more than paper or plastic, are washable and last for years with nothing going into a landfill.

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    Paper. If you recycle paper, that saves tree's. if paper ends up at the dump with plastic, the paper would break down in about a month. The plastic would take about 50 years.

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    o_O This is kinda an odd Q for me =_= 1.) When you go shopping: Paper or plastic bags? >> I carry all my crap cause usually I don't have enough money to buy a lot of it =D 2.) Paper or plastic? (as in cash vs. card) >> Neither TT_TT..... I pick weird metal like substance!! Just cause I don't OWN a card and cause I'm so broke that I don't even have a dollar bill right now -______-'' 3.) BLEACH CORNER: What the heck is this? >> OMFG... I don't usually watch the openings and endings that well but I know that THAT is NOT right!!! AT ALL!!! UGH!! Scarred for life AGAIN!!! How many times can this happen to some one my age?? T_T

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    By using tree-less, sustainably-grown, recycled, and/or environmentally produced paper bags you can eliminate any environmental impact of paper bags, which you will never be able to do with plastic.

    Plastic can be a bit more comfortable to carry and is durable.

    Another option is always a recycled re-usable bag too :)

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    Paper is recyclable and is good for the environment. It also saves trees'. Plastic bags are considered as hazards to land and the ocean. Turtles mistake plastic bags to be jellyfish and end up eating it. Then they choke and... perish. It takes a MILLION YEARS for plastic bags to decompose!! (Scientifically proven.)

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    paper because it is easy to dispose

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