Looking For People That Watch Anime?


Hey guys/girls, im looking for someone that has watched a lot of anime ( mainly romance,drama,slice of life and school life) that we can get on skype or something and jst talk about anime or maybe we can both start watching a anime together at the same time while on skype and at the end of the anime jst talk about what we liked about it, what we think is going to happen next ect...

if you want to do this for fun with me then just leave a comment bellow and ill inbox u my skype details or jst inbox me ur skype details.

you must know English and speak clearly please.

About me:

*im 15 years old

*love soccer

*love anime


*im born in Australia

*im in year 9

*i live in Australia

*i have a turkish background (my parents are *turks but don't worry i was raised in AUS so my English is good)

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  • 8 years ago
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    Hmm that does sound interesting, and we seem to have the same interests in anime, I LOVE ROMANCE AND DRAMA, being a guy I find it hard to talk to anyone about it at school, and having someone to discuss shows with would be fun here is my anime list:


    You can look at it and see if there any shows you might like but I do watch ecchi sometimes so careful what you might click on lol but my fav. romances of all time has to be either Zero no Tsukaima, Dance in the Vampire Bund, or Gosick and my parents are from the euro zone as well but I'm German but I was born and raised in America so I don't have a cool ascent *sad face* random fact lol any way just give me an email by clicking on my name then goto Email Logan.

    Looking forward to talking if you're up to it.


    Oh and just so you don't think I'm not creeping I'm 16 and I'm currently a Junior which I guess would be 11th year in your terminology. Anyway See ya

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    This sounds really interesting because i myself am a huge anime fan but i don't have a webcam for skyping or anything like that.. Schoollife anime's hmm? Strongly reccomend baka to test! Its in english dub! c:

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