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J Crew sweater smelled after washing?

I washed a sweater that I purchased from J Crew and it smells really bad, sort of like ammonia.

The mix in the sweater is 36% viscose 34% nylon 25% merino wool 5% alpaca. I'm not sure if anyone else has had this problem or knows what's wrong but I'm worried I have a problem with my washer

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    Usually anything made with wool and alpaca should not be washed in the machine. It should be dry cleaned only. Does the tag say to put it in the machine? I would call J Crew if you washed it per the label and ask for a replacement or refund.

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    I recommend you wash it lower back in chilly water wash. Do the comparable with a towel. Then somewhat of laying it flat, placed it on a flat hanger. do not carry close via shoulders. carry close finished sweater and placed it on a bathtub rod to dry. good luck.

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    You're smelling wet hair. When it dries the smell will be gone

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