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Family dont like my puppy no more?

Well i have a 4 month shih tzu puppy. so my grandma threw up outside cause she got stomach flu or sumting. The next day she said she put water on it, clorox, fabuloso and broomed it. and she threw up only liquid. so the trow up shouldve gone away. but that day wen she cleaned it up the puppy was right where she threw up and was supposly sniffing it or sumting, that is what my mom and grandma said. we have a big hallway of cement to the left of my house. but the cement to the left has a dirt long line, in the dirt is were she threw up. now my mom and grandma dont like my puppy no more. my grandma used to treat him like her other son. now she dont even touch him. My mom and grandma said threre not even going to buy him food, they told me to put him out side and let him eat garbage. he still doesnt run out of food. i still love him but what should i do with my grandma and mom. i was in school when this hapenned.

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    8 years ago

    If this is how your family feels, find a new home for the puppy. Your family doesn't really want a dog. Better to re-home the dog now while it is still a pup.

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    Tell your mom and grandma that it's perfectly normal for a dog to do that, and get food for your dog...its a living thing you can't starve it..

  • 8 years ago

    Family aint ever turn der back on no puppy! U tell dat gma to wise up dat pup sick an ned help

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