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iq test scores do not really measure intelligence?


What has continued to mystify and divide researchers ever since Flynn published his results is the question of what has caused the global increase in IQs—which many of them, including Flynn, have argued is not the same thing as a global increase in the genetic component of intelligence, at least because the time scale is far too short for “natural selection” or evolution to have bred such a huge jump in intelligence.

Update 2:

neil was not intelligent enough to check the link before he opened his mouth.

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well, flynn contends it's because the tests are not measuring genetic or innate intelligence. scientists have been unable to come up with a different answer than him.

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so if more babies are born with mental birth defects that should lower the iq scores, not make them higher.

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Moreover, there is clear and paradoxical evidence that the younger applicant may be drawn from a pool that, on average, had substantially lower S.A.T. scores than the older applicant’s age cohort. In “The Mean IQ of Americans: Massive Gains 1932 to 1978”, Flynn, addressing the precipitous drop in S.A.T. scores between 1963 and 1981, states

“..these values entail a decline in non-IQ personal traits, motivation, self-discipline, and so forth, from 1963 to 1981 of such magnitude as to constitute a national disaster. The first step is to calculate how much a one-if both IQ gains and SAT losses are taken to be real, rather than artifacts of sampling error, then the deterioration of non-IQ personal traits among young Americans must have been very great.”

birth defects? medicine? then why were sat scores falling while iq scores were rising?

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the ancient egyptians did not land on the moon, unless you think we really didn't land on the moon?

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Better access to medicine would explain this. If there is less birth defects there would be an increase in iq....i don't understand the connection here. could you elaborate? more people being born? more smart people being born? why not more stupid people being born?

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or maybe you think the ancient egyptians did land on the moon?

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today, we could build a pyramid faster and easier than the egyptians did. so building pyramids is not a sign of improved intelligence? so maybe neanderthals were smarter than the egyptians?

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First off, this isn't really a politics question....related to race which has a lot to do with politics, especially in the usa

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those who do these tests believe that fluid intelligence tests are better at measuring innate intelligence than crystallized tests. crystallized tests measure your basic math and reading skills, things that supposedly you can be taught. fluid tests measure more abstract things, i guess, like putting together a rubic's cube maybe. however, the flynn effect seems to be more pronounced with the fluid tests. lol.

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    First off, this isn't really a politics question.

    Second, IQ can't be a reliable indicator past the age of two. Once any form of life experience has a chance to shape our perception, it's impossible to achieve the neutrality required to determine an unadulterated result.

    Basically, once we learn something we can form reasonable links to other similar things and an IQ test measuring our ability to learn will more than likely be tainted by what has already been learned and absorbed. This is more and more common as tools and toys are developed to engage our babies and toddlers from an early age, building upon their ability to learn and absorb. As we focus more and more on early cognitive development, IQ tests need to evolve to factor in early learning.

    A fluid test can still have influencing factors. Classical music doesn't teach reading or Math. It enhances verbal ability and spatial temporal reasoning. Since so much can influence different learning structures, a reliable test is impossible. Even a so called fluid test is flawed when outside influences are not factored.

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    Global increase of IQ's? And Flynn measured his great great grandfathers IQ with what method?????

    Please I am curious. I actually think humans have regressed in many ways. To say that our culture is more "intelligent" than the culture that built the pyramids just has no possible weight in serious discussion because there are simply no facts to base any arguments or discussion on.

    I also think IQ tests are an absolutely ridiculous means of assessing any kind of true intelligence. It can only discern the difference between someone who is educated and someone who isn't.

    I think human beings built the pyramids. But not with alien technology, just normal human ability. I believe they were very primitive, but also very intelligent. Intelligence does not correlate with technology or education.

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    Stuart, you are indeed correct, iq tests are not really that accurate and therefore can't really be a REAL way to approach measuring someone's intelligence. Some people are smarter in some things compared to others, which is why professionals don't really use them.

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    Better access to medicine would explain this. If there is less birth defects there would be an increase in iq

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    yes they do it just means we are evolving because i know some people who have lower iq's by far then their parents

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